Of the benefits of a good long walk…My first post :-)

I am trying hard now for a couple of months, to find the courage to get going with a blog and today seems to be THE day, it is finally going to happen, I am ready to embark on this blogging adventure…
I have to be honest though, it is totally thanks to my child. Without her forcing me into it, I’d still be talking about it and nothing would ever happen. I guess that is what they call procrastinating

Such a gorgeous day outside, makes me be happy to be alive and part of this beautiful city. It turn out we have the eyes of the world on us and this is such an amazing third week in February.Trees in bloom, crocuses giving out their gorgeous colours. A long beautiful walk in the neighbourhood reminded me of how lucky I am, to be living here.

The sun was warm and the air was crisp, it really was nice to see nature in the waking up stage of early Spring.

This walk also made me realize, the benefit of the rays of sunshine on one’s soul. Before heading out I was feeling quite “Blah” and not really willing or wanting to do anything. After the long outing into this beautiful February Sun, I was recharged and ready to get on with the rest of the evening. Yes, today was indeed a beautiful day for lots of different reasons.


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