Family time at the pool…Why not?

It had been a long while since we had not gone swimming.  My Lovely Husband and I, thought it would be fun to go together and take the children, to the local Aquacentre.  Having had a quiet day yesterday, I could join for some needed exercise and some relaxation time.  I had forgotten how popular swimming pools are.  It was packed!  Children and adults of all ages frolicking together, in all the different pools.  The smell of the chlorine was overwhelming at first, but I got used to it again.

I don’t mind swimming pools, but my real favourite as far as water fun goes, is The Ocean…Any Ocean…

I remember, as a child and until I was a young woman, we used to go swimming, from early Spring ’till late summer, on the South West, Atlantic Coast of France, in and around an area called La Cote Sauvage ; Most beaches there, were often times deserted and we would invariably look for the ones, nobody knew about.  It was always such a nice outing.
My mom, early in the morning, had been preparing the “cold rice salad”, that was her specialty when we were going to the beach, as well as numerous other types of cold foods, sandwiches and fruit salads. Everyone knows how hungry you can get, when you go to the beach.

We would all help packing the cars, with all the beach equipment, blankets, towels, petanque balls, and badminton game, all the different picnic baskets. Then we would hit the road.  We usually were traveling with two or three other families.  It was quite a fantastic expedition.
The trip to the beach, would last about one hour or a little bit less, depending of traffic, and of how many tourists were on the road, that time of the year.  Once having chosen the beach we would go to, we would park the vehicles,  far away on a deserted parking lot, hidden in the pine trees.  Then, adults and children together, would haul, the entire content of what had been packed, less than a few hours before. Final destination:  The Beach…

The sand was very fine and such a sweet colour of light tawny beige.  The air was so full the smell of salt and seaweeds mixed together, quite a powerful blend and the seagulls, often times were screeching atop our heads. Nevertheless, it was paradise.  Depending of the time of our arrival, and when in the year we went, the tide was either high or low or somewhere in between.  I do remember, sometimes having to walk quite a long ways, to finally reach the ocean.  It would be so cold and so salty, but we did not mind.  It was fun all the way.

Activities ranged from swimming and diving in the ocean, to laying on the towel listening to the music of the waves and the wind playing together.  Or even going for an improvised soccer game, throwing the badminton thingy*

around and trying to catch it…Anything would go, it was our time. We were Kings and Queens…It was our Kingdom and we could do anything…

Yesterday looking at my children playing so freely at the pool, I remembered how it felt to be a child, in the water and to have fun.  So what if it was not the ocean, it did not really matter… it was water all the same…It was family time and it was awesome…

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.  Joyce Brothers

One word sums it all: It was fun!
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