Where life takes me…Home

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.

Lao Tzu

A little bit about me…
When I moved from France to Canada, back in 1987, I came to live in Montreal.  There, I had and still have close relatives and it was logic for me to be in a province that was bilingual.  Changing country was challenging enough, plus I really loved the “Quebecois” accent.  I thought I had found the place where I would settle down and be happy.  Five Montreal winters later, my Lovely Husband, whom I had met 3 years prior, and I decided to head West together, all the way to the Pacific Coast and see what was there. We had empty pockets, no real prospects, but our hearts were filled up with all the new experiences we knew, were waiting for us.  
We packed most of our belongings, and took the road direction adventure, which in our case was also named  “Trans Canada Highway“, I did not know at the time, but this Highway actually crosses the whole Canadian country from East to West. 
We drove some 4903kms, about 3047 miles, all the way to British Columbia, and doing so we were ready to face any challenge awaiting us.
Side note: Canada is such a grand country, I recommend to anyone reading this, to just come and visit.  So much beauty where ever you are, nature at its best.  Wild, untamed and immense.  
Being the co-pilot, I was always looking at the map, and I remember showing it often to my other half, for him to see how much distance we had driven and how much we still had to go.  This country never ends was the feeling we had….(That is until we drove down, last summer from Beautiful British Columbia all the way down to the south of California)  …But this will be for another Blog post.
One of the event of our journey I will never forget, happened at night during the “Winnipeg – Medicine Hat” leg of our trip. We were driving all alone, on a deserted stretch of Highway 1 and it was kind of eerie watching the kilometers of road, just disappear under our wheels.  It must have been around 10:00 or 10:30 PM, and we still had about an hour of driving before arriving to our next sleeping stop. In the distance, faraway on the horizon line, I noticed two small shining objects, on the side of the road.  As we came closer, they kept getting shinier and brighter. When we finally passed  them,  I saw that it was a pair of eyes observing us ; A wolf to be exact,  an enormous gray wolf, was patiently waiting for us to drive away in the night, before he could safely cross the highway.  I’ll never forget the warm and comforting feeling I had, looking into it’s gray/green shinning eyes, deeply set in his beautiful head.  It was like he was talking to me and telling me we were going to be fine. I felt like this was our sign to proceed, a good omen for the times waiting ahead…An answer to all my doubts…

After all those years, looking back, if I had to sum up my feelings when arriving in Vancouver, the following night, I would have to say…I felt home…It was love at first sight.  Even though, if my memory serves me correctly, we arrived in the dead of night on my birthday, at around 11:00PM.  Actually the love at first sight part, might have been slightly exaggerated, since I could not see anything, it was one of those dark autumn wet nights, where the city is all hidden away under the rain.  Still I knew deep in my heart I was home.  And I have been home ever since.

Chances are we are staying here, but in the end we never know and sometimes I feel the traveling bug tickling my  toes once more.  Wait and see…

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

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