Virtual world…Real or imagined…?

This blog has been opening doors, left and right for me.  Doors onto a world , I did not even know existed. By doors, what I really mean is, possibilities…I have been writing now, for about a month and 1/2, on a very regular basis, and I have found that doing it systematically, helped me feel more comfortable with the whole process.  And while this took place, I made some very interesting discoveries on the way.

For one, the fact that I love to write, I thoroughly enjoy the whole process…From not knowing what is going to be written next…to be sitting with my laptop, placing my fingers on the keyboard and starting typing…I feel like a curious child, following a path to a place, she is not certain exist.  I promise you, I do feel like that, every single time …Such a nice ride…

Another marvelous surprise, has been to see that there are actual human beings reading my blog.  Persons like me or not, who do come and read what I am writing.

You see, at first my plan for this blog was to be all in French, all about my family life, keeping my relatives back home, in France, more or less up-to-date with what was happening to us here.  However I had to be honest, my written French has, (I am ashamed to admit it) fallen by the way side, since I have only been reading English books for the last 9 or 10 years.

So here I am, writing in English, my second language, using a media I would never have thought of, hadn’t it been for my daughter pushing me to jump into the fire.

Now, I find myself more adventurous, more confident and even daring to write comments onto a couple of the blogs I follow, one in French and another one in English.  Starting to get closer in some interesting way to people I have never met, but that I somehow feel a connection with.  It is quite fascinating to me, the way the Internet is once more linking everyone together.

This time my question has not been answered…Virtual world…Real or imagined? I say real…What do you think? Site Meter



  1. Anyes, it seems that this blog had not opened doors only for you. I think you are bringing people on tracks your are discovering… At their end, are there virtual or real places? Maybe both…Keep on writing, Anyes, that's good for the whole process!


  2. I am a person who loves you and I am reading you. And seriously I love your blog. For me it's a premiere because I didn't use to read in english until now.I love you and your blog, and all you family.I hope to see you all soon because I miss you all.Bye :)Coraline.


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