Books …How much I miss reading….

There is no frigate like a book
To take us lands away. Emily Dickinson

Gone are the times where I could spend a whole day, devouring a whole book all to myself, without any one looking for me.  I used to be the kind of reader, that wasn’t able to put a book down, until she had read it cover to cover…
You see, I learned to read at a very young age and I was hooked on books, from early on.  As a child, books were my passport, to all sorts of different worlds.   Then I grew up, and found out that life had other plans for me…Mainly, but not limited to caring for my children, and taking care of my surroundings as a grown woman,

and having the kind of responsibilities one has, when raising a family. Time became a rare commodity, and when I had some, I’d spend it sleeping, because I was always so tired.  Reading books was a luxury, I could not afford myself anymore…

Lately, however there has been a resurgence of this desire of immersing myself, once more, into someone else’ words and worlds.  I am really missing the pleasure of diving into the unknown, within the safety of my own home.  My only problem is, I want to read but I do not know what to read…

I need suggestions…Read any good books lately?…Thank you

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