Music to my hears

Music is the poetry of the air.  Richter

Spring days, warm air and loud music just seem, to go hand in hand.  There is something, in this particular combination, that is so appealing to me.  This week-end, while driving the children to their different activities, I found myself reaching for the volume knob of the car stereo… The day was so beautiful and warm, I just had to listen to the music, a little louder.  I usually try to keep the volume, to a decent level while driving in residential areas and I also put my windows up…but the minute I get onto a highway there it goes…louder…all by itself…

I really enjoy it a lot…all kinds of music, from classical, to which I listened quite a bit during my childhood, to any other genre; Pop, Country, Latin, mainstream radio…The only type of music I do not listen to, is the one

that uses inappropriate language, as for me its not only about the beat, but also about the lyrics.  When the right song comes along, it takes me places I did not even know I wanted to go to.

It is such an awesome feeling

Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.  Confucius

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