Writing experiences…

There is no telling how many miles you will have to run while chasing a dream.~Author Unknown
Brief update on the Artist’s Way, project… I am very far from the 3 pages, written in longhand that, Julia Cameron advised me to write each and every morning, for about 12 weeks. I did wake up very early, earlier than usual, took my shower…so far so good, I had started the coffee and the house was sleepy.  The kitchen smelled of my favourite morning aroma…All the ingredients were in place, for me to start writing away.

This Thursday morning, and as you can see on the side picture, I stopped about 15 lines after, having written the first word.  My arm was feeling quite strange, and I had nothing more to write.  This morning, same scenario but this time I almost made it to the full page.  I am still hoping… I am stubborn enough and I’ll keep going with it, until it becomes ingrained in me, and a part of what I do every morning.

“Cent fois sur le métier remettez votre ouvrage” is what I kept hearing in my head during the self-doubt period that followed this pitiful first try.  In other words: “Hasten slowly and without losing heart”.  This sums up my current position, on this particular matter.  I am waking up early tomorrow and I will go on writing and this time try to manage two full pages. Site Meter



  1. Good for you to be taking on such a challenge! I wish I was as good with sticking to a plan… I have a otebook all ready to be written in but I can't muster the courage to wake up earlier to write 😦 I'm sure you will find the artist in you through those pages 🙂


  2. I encourage you to make time for the three pages. I started the practice around ten years when I doscovered The Artist's Way. I've only missed writing on exceptional occaisions mainly due to migraine or other illness. It quickly becomes a habit and a meditation on your life.


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