Thankful Thursdays

Is it me or is time flying by…That’s what happens when one has fun…Thursday is here once more and I am so thankful.

I am thankful for always asking myself questions, prompting me to try answering them, and in the process giving me the opportunity to better know myself.

The Writing Experiment is well under way now, and with a whole full week of Morning Pages under my belt, I actually feel like I have accomplished something of importance…quite exhilarating indeed.  Such a rush to wake up in the morning…It is Passion…I love it!

At my friend’s house last week, I took a picture of a Flowering Bush, which  blooms every year come Spring Time.  The colour of the flowers is the exact shade of pink, peach, salmon combination that would be so awesome to wear as a chiffon dress on a hot Summer day.  My picture doesn’t really give it justice.  This magnificent looking little blossoming tree is truly, one of the gorgeous gifts the Spring season bestows on us every year.

For finding Mathew’s post on Happiness.  Truly mind opening, something that is still stirring my neurons (brain cells?). I love a little brain gymnastic from time to time.  I do need it…

For enjoying the writing process, looking for and finding my writing voice…one sentence at a time.

For all of this I am truly grateful

“Gratitude is the open door to abundance.” Yogi Bhajan Site Meter


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