Simple Pleasures…That’s what it’s all about

Today I wanted to post about my technological difficulties, and the challenge I am facing wanting to change my blog layout, without any success.  It is frustrating enough for me and it would not be fair to anyone to be dragged down with those petty problems of mine…
Instead I have chosen to post about Simple Pleasures and how truly important they happen to be in my life.
You see, yesterday we went over to our friends’ house and had a wonderful evening, the food was awesome, the company was great and we ended up staying there until the wee morning hours, just talking about everything and enjoying each others company.The children were having fun and it felt right.

This morning, even though I’m still struggling with the illusive setting up of a potential new blog template, I still rejoice thinking back to the pleasure I got, from yesterday’s simple evening spent with very good friends.  This is truly what matters in the end.

Manifest plainness,
Embrace simplicity,
Reduce selfishness,
Have few desires.
–  Lao-Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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