Of my creative challenges…with Blog templates

“Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are.”

 Bernice Johnson Reagon quotes (American Historian and Musician. b.1942)

Then, I guess I am well on my way to discover who I am, and so far, I seem to be more than a little bit technologically challenged.  You see, for a while  now, I have been looking at other Blog templates, wanting to change the one I’ve had since I started mine, end of February.  I have outgrown it or maybe it has outgrown me…

Nevertheless, I am really interested in having a new look.  Writing the daily Morning Pages has helped me  realize I am changing and so are the things around me.  After looking around lots of sites, I finally found “the One”. I think it better reflects my frame of mind, and it’s a good fit both visually and emotionally. So I just have to download it…
Wrong…First I had to create myself an account, on the website of the template I wanted to download…This makes sense, the Website Company wanting to tailor to its customers’ need, should know who they are.  Being able and willing to please, I create my account.

Then I go back and try downloading the desired template…Twenty two attempts later (I am only exaggerating slightly), I am still here with my trusty old template…

So not wanting to get too frustrated with the whole process, I have decided to keep reading more about the whole subject, until I finally am able to go through with it all.

In the meantime I am making do with what I have, and it is OK.


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