Time passing…Enjoying all of it

There is a reassuring knowledge in feeling that seasons are passing by and life is going along.  Early this morning while writing, I noticed that compared to last week even, the Sun had been up about 10 minutes earlier.  I felt good about it and realized that Spring is here in full power, and that in a couple of months school will be out and Summer will be giving us, its warm sunny embrace.

The previous years, this realization might have found me lamenting to the fact that years are zooming by, only to leave me a little bit older…To my delight, this year I am actually seeing and feeling every day, enjoying each and every minute, and somehow even though time is still flying at lightening speed, I am able, in some ways to better grasp it.

Quite a philosophical post, isn’t it?  I guess the challenge I’m still facing with my blog template is driving me, to quietly enjoy my time and be more accepting of everything.

But what minutes!  Count them by sensation, and not by calendars, and each moment is a day.  ~Benjamin Disraeli


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