Of the pleasures of walking…

I had not been out for a walk in a very long time, and did not even know how much I missed it, until yesterday that is…  You see, walking has always been one of my favourite activity and as it turns out it’s also very good for you.  Sunday afternoon, the sunshine was making everything so bright, the air was fresh and there was a little cold wind that kept on playing with the clouds.  A gorgeous Mother’s Day, my dream come true: A perfect opportunity to put on my walking legs and go for a long stroll.
The children and I, Lovely Husband being in retail had to work unfortunately, met up with some family members at the Stanley Park Second Beach pique-nique area, were we were treated to a sumptuous meal prepared by my husband’s mom.  It was such a feast that we decided afterward to walk it off.

We slowly started to stroll down the Stanley Park Seawall and were busy talking, admiring the wild life which was casually ignoring all the passers by; taking photographs, enjoying the miracle that makes it all possible.

Watching the amazing array of people one can find in a  public place like Stanley Park, is quite fascinating to me.  So many different facets of the human race and yet so many similarities at the same time.  I love imagining up some wild stories, regarding those strangers I only see for a few seconds, and wondering if they are doing the same when they see me…I doubt it, I’m kind of peculiar that way…

At the end of the day to the children’ dismay, we wound up walking the entire length of the Seawall…  Today, I am still in serious recuperating mode, however I do have to say, I loved every minute of it.  The budding artist in me, got so busy taking photos after photos; Here is the Lost Lagoon right around dusk time, when the light is wondering whether to call it a day or to continue hanging on. Isn’t it amazing? I simply loved it…

“Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”

 Albert Camus quotes (French Novelist, Essayist and Playwright, 1957 Nobel Prize for Literature, 1913-1960)

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