House Chores Distress…or Bliss, I am the one to choose

Yesterday I came across another awesome post on SuperForest, a fantastic blog I follow all the time.  I have had an epiphany in reading Carla’s post.  It made me totally re-think, my relationship towards anything related to Home Caring (most commonly named Household Chores).
So, I am now writing a note to the often disheartening feeling of distress I get, when I know the amount of work still to be done at home, combined with the fact it is a never finishing story:

Dear Disheartening Feeling of Distress,

Thank you for allowing me to keep my home neat and clean; if it was not for you I am quite sure I would not do such thorough job of cleaning and tidying up, regularly.
I also have to acknowledge your influence since, I manage to keep my household organized given the fact there are only 24 hours in a day.
I am grateful to you, that my family is living in a tidy home even though I, on many an occasion have wished, I could do something else with my time, like blogging for example…
Now, that I have thanked you I want to let you go, because I am choosing to look at my home caring chores in a totally different light.

I have chosen today, to embrace my HomeCaring work, for the fact it keeps me in shape and let my home be warm and welcoming…to anyone visiting anytime…

Thank you Carla for helping me see Household chores in a different light.  While I am at it I want to say Thank you Mathew and all the SuperForest Team for a totally awesome blog.

Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.  Vernon Howard



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