Oatmeal for breakfast…A simple pleasure

Knowing that when I eat my breakfast early in the morning I get less hungry later in the day, I am trying my best to make the time and have one (breakfast), every day.  Mornings are very interesting in our household, I have about 1 1/2 hour quiet time, really early in the morning when everyone sleeps, where I write my morning pages then around 7:30AM, the whole house wakes up.
For about another hour, it is like a well orchestrated chaos, an onlooker would not understand what was happening, but for us insiders it makes lots of sense.  Then everyone leaves, children are going to school, Lovely Husband is going to work and I still have about 20 minutes before heading out myself.

Which brings us back to Oatmeal for breakfast…I remember growing up having Quaker Oatmeal*, most of the time in the winter before heading to school, I still love the comforting feeling I have eating it.  So it is with great satisfaction and pleasure that I treat

myself to one pouch (or two) of the Brown Sugar and Cinnamon, instant variety which I savour almost daily.

Simple pleasure is what life is all about , and as plain as I know it sounds, Oatmeal for breakfast does it for me…

The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.
–  John Zabat-Zinn

*PS: This post is not intended to be any type of advertisement for any brand of breakfast cereal



  1. You must have known! Here in Australia it's nearly porridge time. On winter Sunday mornings my husband brings up a wicked bowl of porridge (yes, that brand), with brown sugar and cream. For a blissful ten minutes my cholesterol-lowering diet is forgotten.


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