Life…It’s everywhere

Growing up with a mother who had and still has the greenest thumb possible, gave me the kind of childhood I would have liked to give my children.  Living in the countryside of the South West of France, we had quite a sizeable vegetable and fruit garden, not to mention, very respectable trees and flowers of all kinds. As a child, I do remember lots of weeding and all sorts of fruits and vegetables pickings, almost throughout the year. 

This might be the reason, I am now regrettably on the opposite side of the gardening fence.  However, lately I find myself really drawn to flowers and plants in general.  I follow blogs about growing things and to my own delight and surprise I truly love it.  I understand reading about it, is still far from actually gardening but I guess it’s a step in the right direction…

Last year, Lovely Husband bought a beautiful “flowering Bush”, covered in little white flowers that were so pretty and so fragrant, on our front steps it smelled like Spring for about 3 whole months.  Unfortunately the cold Winter days came about, so we brought the “flowering Bush”, inside.  Now bear in mind, neither Lovely Husband or I have any knowledge of how to care properly, for this type of plant during the winter months.

Came Spring time, and we thought it would do “flowering Bush” some good to stay outside, since it had been cooped up with us all winter long and only had, small dried up branches to show for itself.  We had to try to salvage it somehow, however during the last couple of weeks of solid rain, I really thought “flowering Bush” had been flooded and that this time, it was really gone for good.

Imagine my amazement when, a couple of days ago while looking closely, I saw green shoots stemming out of the dry branches, that were so bare just a month or so ago.  It brings me so much joy to see that life prevailed after all, and gave me such wonder to see that even when it looked like a dead stick, there was life all along ready to spring back up…

I just need to find “flowering Bush” a name and we’re done…

“The poetry of the earth is never dead.”…John Keats

06/03/10 update: Thanks to Allegra we now have a name for “flowering bush” it is indeed a Climbing Jasmine.  I might reconcile myself with gardening after all…



  1. Thank you so much Allegra, for your help with the "flowering Bush". I need to Google it up and I will confirm; Should it be a climbing Jasmine when in the year do I need to prune it?I grew up between La Rochelle & Royan (Charentes-Maritimes) and spent entire summers near Carcassonne (Aude)and near Nogaro (Gers). Est-ce que vous parlez Francais? 😉 Thank you very much for you detailed response


  2. Hello and thank you first of all for stopping by.Now about your flowering bush, is it by any chance a star climbing jasmine? Google it and see what you find on the images. I can hardly make up the tiny leaves but it looks from here as it may be it. Where in the South of France did you live? My family comes from Provence – I spent many glorious summers visiting – and from Boulogne – sur- Mer and of course I love anything and everything French. If the plant is indeed a jasmine you need to prune it almost all the way down to the ground.And you were wise to bring it indoors. Jasmines hardly survive any temperature below 35F no matter what others may tell you. Now be kind and don't ask me how I know this 🙂


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