Blogger and its new template…

Is it so bad to want to change my template one more time or should I just stick to what I chose just a month ago?

Hmmmm…As you can see now, I changed it…You know, I was simply curious about the new Design feature on the top of the tabs on my Blogger page and I went to investigate, started to play with it…and there it was, I changed it again…
I like it though, more quiet on the eye.  I miss my mug of coffee on the top corner, but apart from that,I am OK with it.

 Things do not change; we change.  Henry David Thoreau

If you are one of my few readers, I guess it’s time for you to know this about me…I LOVE change, however even though the appearance of this blog has evolved once more, the content will be the same that is…my looking for the answers to the questions in my head, while writing about nothing in particular.  The creative expression of my budding artistic self, I guess, still wanting to know “who am I”

 I am placing this picture of the beautiful yellow rose that was slowing opening in my front yard, to test how nice it will look in the page. 
If you are reading my blog and do not like me changing the setting so often please write a comment.  I am doing this (blogging) mostly for my own pleasure and do forget that it might be annoying to my few readers to have to keep getting used to new layouts all the time.

I will try to keep it the same for a longer while…Promise 🙂



  1. Maggie, I am glad to learn that a yellow rose is the symbol for joy and friendship as it is actually something I find myself attracted to lately…Yellow roses, so beautiful.Welcome to my blog and thank you for the time you took to comment.


  2. Not sure what your blog looked like before, but what you have here now is beautiful. The yellow rose is the symbol for joy and friendship, like your blog.Hope you are having a joyful week.


  3. Hello Coraline, You are right I loved change from early on and I guess leaving my country was just the beginning of all the changes…I am glad you like the new layout 😉


  4. I think I knew you were a person who likes to change because if you had the courage to leave France in your young years it is that you LOVE to change ! So it's ok. And your new layout is pretty cool.


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