La photography …my new love

Photograph:  a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.  Ambrose Bierce

Taking so many photographs, of everything I saw and everyone I was with this past three weeks, has made me realized I have now found, what I was looking for: a complimenting passion for my love of words, photography.   This being said, I am by no means implying, that I am a photograph but rather an amateur fool, armed with a camera, trying her best to render the beauty she witnesses on a regular basis.

Seattle’s Downtown taken from under the Pike’s Market on a sunny evening

I have to tell you though, that I believe my family will now be banning me, from taking my awesome almost new toy (namely my camera) anywhere I go…Just kidding’

At first, I was doing what I had always been doing since I got this camera, last year, choosing the pre-set position on the upper dial, pressing the button and there it was…an awesome picture.  A while back, I told you I was now getting more adventurous, and had started playing with the light and the exposure settings, but this time, I even got further and ventured into the awesome land of the manual setting…

I also discovered monochromatic photography, and experimented with it. 

Such a powerful tool, when it comes to making memories, giving everything such a timeless feel somehow. This particular photograph, taken just a few weeks ago from the little town Okanagan Falls, does seem to have been taken back in the ’50s, don’t you think?

If you see me around, I’m very easy to spot…my camera is actually permanently attached to my hip so I can always have it within reach 😉



  1. The day I took this particular photograph, the light was simply amazing…I just got very lucky.You are so right, this photograph is like a pastel painting, which suits me fine since it was always one of my childhood dreams to paint. Thank you for the compliment 🙂


  2. Hello and wow !I totally love your photos. In the first one the light is so surreal it looks like a drawing. The second one looks exactly like you said. I totally love, for sure !Have a good day.Bye.


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