Le Manning Park’s handsome fellows…

Lately, I find the need to be reminiscing and to somehow, feel like I am still on vacation, so this account of the first part of our little trips away from home, is allowing me to be there once more…On July 5th, quite early in the morning, around 6:30AM to be precise and after having loaded the van with all our necessities, we started on our annual journey to the British Columbia interior , direction Osoyoos.

It was a very gray and cloudy morning as you can see on this photo, but the spirits were high and away we went.  Usually at this time the children are fast asleep and I am slowly starting to get into relaxation mode, knowing in a few hours, we would be arriving to our destination and the awesome heat of the Osoyoos’ sun, would be brushing against my pale skin…This year however, the children being older were wide awake, and instead we sang along to the music on the radio and had quite a bit of fun.

Before you know it, breakfast stop in front of the Manning Park Lodge Resort, about half way between the departure and arrival points.  Everyone was hungry and there was lots to chose from; hard boiled eggs, Feta or Cream cheese, Jams or even some yummy Hazelnut spread and a whole assortment of any type of bread you want, accompanied with hot tea as well as milk for the children… in other words enough to feed a crowd regardless of their age or for that matter their breakfast preferences, we were covered…

To be honest though the real attraction of this pit stop of sorts, is not the food but rather the wildlife.  Have a look, don’t you think it is amazing?  I know I truly enjoyed all the wild company we had for breakfast…

Tell me can you spot him, in the branches?  Do you think he knows he’s made it on the internet?  😉

Those two fellows, right below were having quite a nice conversation and did not even know I was there…

Now, what do you think of this handsome fellow, his face all stuffed up with straw on the way back to his burrow…Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?

Stopping there every single year, midway to our destination and having a breakfast break with the whole gang, truly signals in my mind that Summer is here and fun times are just a few hours away.

As a budding artist or rather someone in search of her own creativity, having the opportunity to observe what was around me this year, and to sharpen my mind’s eye by taking all those different photographs, has made the whole travelling experience, even richer than usual.  

A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.
Moslih Eddin Saadi

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