Thankful Thursdays

Being thankful once a week is making me realize, how truly lucky and blessed I am, on so many different levels.  It has helped me take a closer look, at tiny little things I would have otherwise ignored.  Here are some of them…

The twinkle of joy on a sweet little baby face, when playing “Peek-a-boo with her dad”

The sun looking like a star on a Wednesday evening sunset in Whytecliff Park, one of my all time favourite parks.

A cruise ship, passing by viewed through the frame created by the beautiful leaves of a park tree

Looking at Whyte Island, remembering so many great climbing memories, and looking forward to new ones. 😉

For those simple pleasures, I am truly thankful.  The beautiful sights I have seen gave me peace and made me  realize, I am blessed to want to be feeling with my heart when looking at what surrounds me.

“The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand”

Robert Valett



  1. Melanie, I guess the secret is out…I do not really know how all this technical stuff works.Funny you mention this, because I kindda tweaked around the Blogger feeds settings today, unfortunately I do not even know what I really did.I am sure glad it has allowed you to read me better 😉


  2. Hey Anyes I don't know if you changed something with your blog today but suddenly it finally started updating itself in my Google Reader, and 25 posts were listed as new! Whoo-hoo! This will make a lot easier to keep track of you ; )


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