Que sera, sera…I’m enjoying the ride :-)

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.” Greg Anderson

Over the last 5 months, while on this blogging adventure I find myself on, I have been wondering over and over again, what to do or rather where to go with it.  I keep on reading a lot, both on the internet and actual printed books and I sometimes manage, to have somewhat of a less foggy idea of what this blog will be like in say, a couple of years from now.

However, after much soul searching, I finally came to this simple conclusion:   The work I am accomplishing with my blog for now, is as important as actually knowing in which direction it is going…After all this blog has allowed me, to be in full search/discovery of myself and even if I do not have any answers yet, as to where it is heading, I am still in full pursuit of my writing dream as well as starting to learn about and exercise my photographic eye, all of those being elements that somehow, will be interconnecting with each other beautifully, by the time I need them to.  Or so I think…

Convoluted argument I know, but what can I say that what’s in my head and I am just putting it out, there to get a better feel for it.  I hear you…I am now going to stop rambling and just be quiet, at least for a little while …Until my next post 😉

I’ll leave you with a peaceful view of Lake Detroit, Oregon, a photograph I took while we were down there, doesn’t it make you wish to be sitting in that forest?  I wish I was…



  1. I think those challenging times are there to make us realize how good we had it and that somehow a shift in thinking and in action is necessary for all of us to make it through…The week-end is quite busy with visitors from out of town, a very enjoyable company, so it's fun 🙂


  2. That is quite an amazing photo…and post. You have the right idea! I loved Greg Anderson's quote. And I do think we are all on quite a journey right now. It seems the times we are living in are challenging for so many…yet we are all handling it and just going with the flow. I think Mother Earth is taking charge to help bring about this thought process about enjoying the journey rather than worrying about its destination. She is helping us to live in the NOW… the moment…because at best it's all some can handle. And I think it is as nature intended.Have a peaceful weekend. xo


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