It finally happened…My first date ;-)

I had to wait such a long time, for my very first Artist date and three days ago, it finally happened.  This might have been one of the reasons it felt so sweet, but I’ll confess being together with Darling Daughter coming along instead of being on my own as originally intended, was the true reason, I loved it so much.  Oftentimes you have to make your self-discovery journey fit your own life and I’m sure glad I did…

Just for you of the curious kind persuasion, wondering how much fun we had, here is the whole story. It was the perfect hot summer day, to be playing tourists in our own city (the best way to do it, if you ask me), so there we went, walking around taking lots of photographs and getting to see a totally different side of one of my favourite city in the whole wild world…First stop, the Vancouver Art Gallery,

I can see it…

 Such a twinge of excitement in my belly heart, I was finally going inside…

The entrance

Once there, it did not take long for me to start feeling inspired, creative vibes oozing from every inches off the walls, every one visiting having such visible pleasure.  Both curiosity and thirst for knowledge were palpable or maybe be those were my own feelings…One of the artists I really got to discover was Kerry James Marshall and I am still trying to process on an intellectual level, the reasons his paintings drew me in so deep, it was such a powerful experience for me, all and all, I had an awesome visit.

The beautiful reflection of the Hotel Vancouver on the next building’s windows…

Next stop, on this creative excursion of mine was to feed ourselves, but since it was a rather disappointing experience, I won’t go much into it.  Following item on our agenda, was a visit to the MacLeod’s Books store which Darling Daughter had got to know earlier this year on a field trip, with her school mates, and had been raving about for quite a while.  I have to say I was very curious myself.  It fulfilled and exceeded all my expectations…

Wait till you see inside πŸ™‚
 What did I tell you πŸ˜‰

The musky smell of old books is without a doubt one of my favourite scents, for it takes me back to my childhood playing in an old attic, either my aunt’s, or my grandma’s ( I’m not so sure anymore) in the south of France.  Quite often, I would be found there, just digging for old treasures buried under cardboard boxes and old suitcases, daydreaming of times I could only imagine… What can I say, I have always been a dreamer
The bookkeeper was so friendly, so helpful and she knew exactly where to guide us, no matter what we were looking for.  Time is so easily lost in such a place for someone like me, a bookworm I believe is the right term…

Paradise, I tell you

Unfortunately it was not too long after, that we had to go back to the reality of the outside world and deciding to be good girls we started walking back to our car, at least that was MY plan.  What ended up happening without me really knowing, was that Darling Daughter had something else in mind so we walked, right into a side alley, she had peeked in, last time we were in town.  I got to see some truly interesting city murals, I would have never known were there, had I been alone.  Having Darling Daughter with me allowed us to
take a chance and to walk into a world, we would not have seen before;

Amazing isn’t it?

This gave me a whole new look into the city’s inner life, where a mixed media of art and suffering, can be found on a back alley, waiting to be discovered.  However what really got me on a deeper level, was the message written on a piece of paper glued onto the brick walls, and I have been wondering about it and the person who wrote it ever since…Such captivating human stories unfolding on those walls’ painted bricks.

Is it one of our forgotten calling for help? (double-click to enlarge)
Who ever you are, I really hope you are OK

Last installment on this wonderful journey, was an awesome antiques store where we got to look at a whole lot of interesting finds.  It had the same musky scent as the bookstore, and it was with much enthusiasm we got to wander around, as if being in a time traveling capsule, and having a look at all of what was offered.  Hmm, what could this be?

Grandma’s laptop?
β€œThe real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

Marcel Proust (French Novelist and Author, 1871-1922)

 Tell me, did you discover something new just by looking at it differently?

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