Following my heart…

“When you look at a city, it’s like reading the hopes, aspirations and pride of everyone who built it.” 
Hugh Newell Jacobsen
It might be because I grew up on a different continent, that every single time I go back downtown Vancouver, I feel such a pleasure, such a rush of contentment, it always seems like the first time no matter how often I go there.  I must sound like a school aged girl having her first crush…Yesterday evening was no exception, we took the whole family and just drove there after having finished what we had to attend to.  We decided together with some friends, to go to the Granville Island and to have a leisurely stroll there, by the water.  Guess who brought her camera along?
I was the trigger happy crazy lady, taking a photograph of anything and everything.  Such a pleasure, looking around, trying to frame interesting views of the False Creek’s city line.  I was like a child in a candy store. I felt  so excited, taking all those photographs and following what is now becoming a more and more important part of my life.  The skies were so blue, and the strings of clouds gave such a romantic feel to everything.
As I posted yesterday, all the signs are pointing me into a more artistic, spiritual direction.  I feel my inner whisper going at it and letting me know that YES, this is the right path; blogging, writing, photography and the slow discovery of WHO I truly am…
Even if at this very moment in time, I am still quite confused and must admit a little bit scared as well, I am learning to open myself, and to trust that whatever comes my way, will be what I need…What are you confused about? Let me know 🙂


  1. We must always follow the true path…sometimes it just takes us a little longer to find the path because we’re looking where we “think” we need to look rather than trusting to our intuition. Keep going…I love this path that you are on! xo

    Oh Sherry, you comment on an old post of mine that meant a lot to me. You are a gem and I thank you xo


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