What do I see? part 1

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”
Jonathan Swift (Irish Author and Satirist of prose, 1667-1745)

A few years back, during a period of my life where I was confronted with many challenges, I had cut out pictures from magazines and placed them in a scrapbook, telling myself I would one day, glue them together to try and change my life around.  I wanted to bring balance and harmony around me and wanting to visualize it before hand thought, this would be helping me.  However, life went by and the whole project got forgotten.

And for a while now, since the start of the blog, I have been wanting to do a kind of map of some sort, and try to figure out somehow, where I am going with all this.  Then I remembered the pictures I had tucked away so many years ago.  So, I unearthed the scrapbook, and found all the images I had carefully chosen, untouched still waiting for me to put them together…What a lovely sight it was

So today, I took a chance followed my inner whisper, and started placing both pictures and words randomly on one of the scrapbook pages, before you knew it… I had a kind of “treasure map, vision board” going on, really interesting.  I kept on changing things around and fitting them differently.  I was taking my time, placing everything together where I’d see it fit best and I could see my Higher-self totally taking control of my actions…
The best part of all of this though, was while doing this creative collage of sort, I had the most amazing feeling of relaxation and calm.  Such peace and tranquility,  I noticed myself smiling all the while I was doing it, so much so that I have decided to use it, as a visual tool to help me with my new meditation practice.  What do you think?

I should be able to show it on the blog this coming Wednesday so you can see it.



  1. I feel both very excited and so self-conscious all at the same time, definitely stepping out of my comfort zone…Growing up I guess? Thank you for wanting to see it, m


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