What do I see? part 2

The great awareness comes slowly, piece by piece. The path of spiritual growth is a path of lifelong learning. The experience of spiritual power is basically a joyful one. 
M. Scott Peck,

It all started as something I had forgotten to do a while back and now that I have finished it, I know it had been in my mind for a very long time. 

Once more the placing of all the words and pictures was so relaxing, giving me much pleasure. It felt like home in a way, like something I should be doing more often, I honestly did not know I would love it so much.

What I am going to write now, is strange even to me, but here it goes…
Yesterday, while looking at a beautiful photograph of myself and Lovely Husband together taken at least ten years ago, and placing the words Romance, Love and Respect around it, I kept having sweet butterflies in my stomach.
You see, this summer has been a bit tense between the two of us, and we do need to reconnect in some way, as everyday life has slowly taken its toll on our relationship and I want us to get closer again…
Having worked on this part of the collage so close to my heart, most of the afternoon I started getting things ready for diner, as we were having friends over.  I was busy finishing the evening preparations when he came back from work, straight to me gave me the biggest and sweetest smile/hug/kiss, yes all at the same time :-).

Nothing special was said but this really meant a lot, for the both of us…

Which got me thinking…

Was it the smile I had on my face while looking at our younger selves, that brought on this change of energy between us?  Was it just because he had had a better day at work? Who knows, but I like to think it was the energy change in me, that rippled across to him and had some positive change on both of us.  Whatever the reason, the important part is we are reconnecting and it feels right.

What do you think?

Here is the finished project



  1. Thank you Christina, I am glad you like it, Funny enough I did not get to do any of those collages in high school, and it seems I am catching up now…better late than never πŸ˜‰


  2. Good questions, Jean…No, Lovely Husband did not see any of the work, he knows I am on a creative path that gives me lots of pleasure, though.As for blog reading, given that he is not really into reading anything, I sometimes tell him what I post…and no I did not told him/read him this particular post (in case you wondered)Being new at the visualization process, I believe looking at my whole page will be giving plenty of new experiences.I hope I answered your questions…Thank you for asking them πŸ™‚


  3. Just one question: did husband see the final work ? Did he know something about your creative process? (hey, that makes 2 questions).Extra question: does he read your blog so he could learn a lot about you?I am sure you were so peaceful that the stars stopped their run in the sky to watch you. Husband could not resist…Have you got another old scrapbook for a next experience?


  4. I am such a romantic at heart and funny enough Lovely husband is not really, so we'll see what happens on this side of the story ;-)I am really appreciative of the calm I feel just by looking at the overallimages, though. They bring me peace and joy, a serene feeling that I had not known for a long time.Thank you for your whishes


  5. I think it's wonderful. Glad you're having fun with your vision journal and so glad to hear of your big smiles and hugs. I hope you receive more of them if it's what you desire…and it fills your heart with lots of love.


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