It’s all about energy…

Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.

Rosebuds slowly turning into roses

With the help of my newly finished creative collage, I am now doing my best, to be meditating twice a day, very early in the morning and right before going to bed at night.  To tell you the truth though, I am still very far from achieving quietness of mind, but already there are a few differences that I have been noticing;

  • Looking at the page I created, is changing my inner energy.  I get into a very soothing relaxed mood that has such a calming effect on my mind.  I still hear inner thoughts while looking at it, but they are more of a quiet lull than the normal brouhaha that is usually taking place in my head…
  • I also have noticed something very interesting, a new thirst for knowledge towards the spiritual side of me.  I am reading anything I can place my eyes on relating to the mind, body, soul connection.  I have always been curious of how we could, as human beings learn more about our own minds and the benefits we would get from doing so.  

Today’s first rains are filling me up with energy and are giving me pleasure, because they bring on  a cozier time, needed to introspect and to dig deeper into one’s soul in pursuit of possible new questions and their answers…

Tell me, what are your thoughts on the season changing?



    1. Sehlag, You are welcome, it's very nice to see your photographs from the other side of the country :-)m! Thank you so much for giving me a book title I could think my teeth into (manner of speech)to try and improve on my meditation practice, I really appreciate this…


    2. Seeing how this same phenomenon has been happening to me over the past 9+ months it's fascinating (and reassuring) to read about it happening to somebody else too. I just finished reading an old copy of Ram Dass's book "Journey of Awakening – a Meditator's Guidebook." It goes step-by-step through different forms of meditation, what one might experience along the path both physically and mentally, and how to navigate through all of it. It's a short read from an amazing teacher and I got out of it – I'm sure you would too!


    3. I love the changing of summer into autumn, a slow steady winding down. Favourite season:)I have tried to meditate late at night but find myself falling asleep instead.Thanks for popping by.


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