Thankful Thursdays…Vive le internet part 2

I really wish you could smell this rose!

Today is another installment on wonderful finds from the great blogosphere

It never ceases to amaze me how, when the student is ready the teacher appears…I am actively trying to better myself in two areas close to my heart namely photography and writing and here are the treasures I found, while wanting to learn…Have a peek!

A Frenchman’s view point on life in the Big Apple and his traveling adventures with his beautiful wife Marie.

An amazing (blog) voice and gorgeous photographs to boot, Christina’s blog is such a pleasure to read and to look at.  Every time I visit, I can feel the sunshine in your words…

Beth’s blog title so logical, invites you in… you look, you read and find yourself in another world full of quiet wonders.

Sela’h’s blog opened up my world enough so, I found myself stepping out of my comfort zone, and participating in the “gift of jewels” project and while doing so, got to meet many interesting and friendly faces.

Here is Elaine’s beautiful blog, where she take a photograph a day and let us know what is happening in and around her world.

Last but not least a fellow countrywoman from the other side of the continent, all the way from Nova Scotia, with her wonderful art and awesome photographs.

This were my “Thanks” to everyone of you, for allowing me to learn while reading your blogs…


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