*Gift of Jewels*

The heart warming feeling of receiving a “snail mail” letter, is often time forgotten in our speedy, internet savvy world, or else why wouldn’t we send letters or cards more often to the ones we love.  Come to think of it, I am the GUILTY one, not having sent any letters or cards to anyone close to me, for ages.

So, in remembering how I felt yesterday receiving this beautiful card, a *Gift of Jewels* of sort, I am taking a pledge today, to be sending either letters or cards by “snail mail” to all my loved ones, on a more regular basis…

Thank you Se’lah for your thoughtfulness, and Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones.



  1. I do love to hear that you will be writing more. Consider me a pen pal, always. ;)one love, my friend.still stalking my mailman for my jewel. i met him as he pulled up today – hadn't even sorted the mail. lol. no jewel yet. 😉


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