Thankful Thursdays

Beautiful mushrooms in someone’s lawn

End of Summer flower basking in the sun warmth

My cloud obsession

All are things I am thankful for this week, and since I got my date mixed up yesterday I wish everyone once more

Happy Autumn 😉


  1. Sharon, I am so glad you received everything and I updated my profile with email contact now. I am having this obsession with clouds/sky for a while now and if it was not for looking like a fool I'd have a cloud/sky photographs on my blog every single day ;-)Christina! I saw those clouds and felt so joyous, I had to try and capture the feeling they gave me, and share it with everyone.


  2. Anyes, I love the photos you have up today! I also love cloud photos, almost as much as tree photos. I forgot to take my camera with me when I went to the post office earlier and was wishing I had it because there are fabulous clouds out here today!I looked for an email address for you and didn't see one, so I'll have to let you know here that I got my gift of jewels package today! You are so very kind and generous! I love the stones and the beautiful card you made. I'll send a proper thank you soon and I'll be writing about it all on my blog later this evening. Thank you. Sharon


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