*Gift of jewels*

Back in August, I registered myself in a wonderful celebration given for the Ethiopian New Year, an international pen pal project called *gift of jewels* organized by a wonderful soul named Se’lah.You see, the plain truth is I love receiving mail but I am not really good at sending it.  Being far away from my family, I got used to phone, or even e-mail until eventually ease of use, convenience and plain laziness took over. To be fair, it did not help at all, that over the years, I lost a few precious packages so finally I totally abandoned sending anything at all.
A few week back, however, as part of the *gift of jewel* project, I got to send via “snail mail” my *gift of jewels* to Sharon and I got acquainted once more, with this beautiful feeling I used to have as a young teenager, every time I would send a letter to one of the international pen pals, I had gathered in several countries.

Finally, three days ago, to my extreme delight, Darling Daughter came back from picking up the mail, with a beautiful vintage postcard just for me, sent by my secret pen pal, Cam all the way from coastal Georgia .

This was so heartwarming, that I plan on keeping my love of card making alive as well as developing my penmanship, so as to keep on sending and receiving those beautiful gifts from the heart.  Something has to be said for this warm and fuzzy feeling one has knowing something is on its way, just for you…Waiting for it, is totally part of the charm, and so is knowing that what you sent was well received, it all  makes it so pleasurable, and as you know I am all for simple pleasures

Thank you Se’lah, Thank you Cam and Thank you Sharon for this awesome experience…
As she planted, so does she harvest;
such is the field of Karma
Sri Guru Granth Sahib


  1. I love vintage postcards & pictures…and this is one of my favorites!I was checking to see if you'd received it yet, and am so happy to see that you have!peace, love, and vintage goodness…Cam


  2. That is a cool old postcard. So glad you got your gift of jewels! I'm slow to answer my emails and blog comments at the moment, but will indeed get back to you very soon. Until then, happy day to you!


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