My morning gift to you…

Early mornings are such a treat for me, enjoying this unbelievable sight, while sipping on my cup of coffee. It always gets me…the sun rising, playing with the clouds while adding indescribable colours to the sky, colours I am trying here, very clumsily I might add, to give justice to with these few photographs…

It’s coming…

That’s it!…One of those days, I’ll get myself a paintbrush and will give painting a good try…

Now just be patient…

Almost there

There we are…today has just started
So full of unknown possibilities, so mysterious and yet so reassuring.  Another day is there for me to grasp and to venture into.  What I really love in these early mornings hours, is the belief I can still achieve all of what I have planned, this precious feeling I have, that anything I envisioned in my head is still within my reach.  At this very moment, my day is still an unopened present full of hopes and wonders, and best of all it does look exactly the way I want…

…Then the house wakes up 😉 …



  1. I am beginner in photography and I really appreciate your compliment on the sunrise photographs, they were taken yesterday morning,today I am struggling with one of the biggest migraine I've had in a long time…Colds, migraine seem to be part of life …Right? Congratulations on your insurance license! Thank you for visiting:-)


  2. Oh, how I wish I could've been just as joyous this morning when I dragged myself out of bed before sunrise. But I was driving 120 miles round trip to sit for my state insurance license while suffering from the worst cold I've had in years (I did pass, so that was good).Off to take some *sunset* photos. Here's hoping they are as half as good as these!


  3. Hello.I really love your photographs. You are an amazing blogger I like it.Just a question : why do you wake up that early? I know you like to have some time before your faily wake up but 4:45AM? wow, haha.Have a good day, I'm looking for your blog everyday.Bye


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