It takes a long time to become young – Pablo Picasso

It seems that on my discovery path, I am learning a lot and I am still wanting to be learning and doing even more…

…More of what my heart craves and more of what my soul desires, a.k.a
My heart’s wishes

Since today is my 48th birthday 😉

I decided, after having read it first on  Relyn’s Blog, to try and customize my very own list, to share it with you, and see what gets done in the next 365 days 😉

 48 things to do before I turn 49”  
  1. Learn and practice daily meditattions
  2. Everyday for about 1/2 hour photograph what catches my eye
  3. Have a weekly Lunch Date with Lovely Husband
  4. Learn more about intuition and how to trust it
  5. Read “Paths to Gods” by Ram Dass
  6. Buy myself a nice camera bag 
  7. Take a photograph class
  8. Create a Flickr account for my blog
  9. Buy some painting materials
  10. Make and handwrite cards to all my penpals
  11. Help with a reading program at school
  12. Read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
  13. Go on my Artist Date once a week
  14. Walk 2 hours twice a week
  15. Write a book
  16. Enroll in Salsa lessons with Lovely husband
  17. Have my book published
  18. Travel to visit my family back home
  19. One Sky-diving jump
  20. Buy myself a beautiful journal
  21. Begin an art journal 
  22. Read “Journey of Awakening” by Ram Dass
  23. Send my hand-made cards to my family
  24. Write Thank you notes
  25. Join an “The Artist Way” online group
  26. Create my own “Art space” in the basement
  27. Read Peace Is Every Step, by Thich Nhat Hanh 
  28. Brush up on my Spanish
  29. Redecorate Darling Daughter’s Bedroom
  30. Get myself a 50mm lens
  31. Paint a sky picture on a canvas frame
  32. Register in a Yoga class
  33. Have meatless meals more often
  34. Take Belly dancing lessons
  35. Re-Read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
  36. Have an updated Birthday List (for card making purposes)
  37. Create from scratch and mail 3 handmade cards a week
  38. Brush on my German
  39. Practice one Random Act of Kindness a week
  40. Learn about Photoshop
  41. Keep doing the morning pages
  42. Start scrapbooking again
  43. Have one lazy Sunday every two weeks
  44. Purge my closet once more (80%-20% rule)
  45. Go and visit my friend Alison in Singapore
  46. Go to bed earlier three nights a week
  47. Read “The Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda
  48. Take the time to savour every moment 🙂

It is not length of life, but depth of life.
Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. Anyes, I heard yesterday on the radio that some of our memories might have colors. You should try to create your own palette of memory colors, and then create an art work with that. Several things on your list would then be on their way!I remember the dark blue of the clear sky at night when I was sailing in 1991… This dark blue would be on my own memory palette.I'm sure you are going to be inspired… Regards.


  2. Hello Jean, :-)You are so right, it might take a lot more than a year for the book to be written let alone published…but the beautiful part is that it got me started 😉


  3. Soory for being a bit late, but…Happy Birthday Anyes! Hope you will succeed in going through this list. I'm sure at least a year is needed, espacially if you want to write a book and have it published!I am really looking forward reading your book. What kind would it be?… I'm wondering.Take care, Anyes.


  4. Karen, Thank you! I already feel this is going to be such an inspiring year, so many ideas in my head ;-)I had an awesome day, Sharon and about this list, I do have to say I like the expiry date concept, I know all of those items won't be accomplished within a year but it gets me going more in depth towards the real me 😉 Feel free to join in with what inspires you Hello Vicky, I am glad to have visited you 🙂 though I must say I am a very timid beginner in the interesting challenge that is meditation 🙂


  5. Happy Birthday! Wow! I get a visit from you on your birthday! I'm honored! Thank you for sharing your day with me.P.S. #1 on your list is absolutely my favorite… Dawn meditation is a part of my Being!


  6. Happy Birthday Anyes! I wish I had realized earlier. I hope you had a wonderful day. I love your list! I've made those lists before and I always end up with things that are more of a "what I want to do before I die" list instead of a one year list. I really like yours. I may even want to do some of the things you have listed!


  7. Happy birthday Anyes! That's an amazing list. These are so many of the same things I have intentions for myself. It will be an interesting year for you….and fun and inspiring for us blogger friends to tag along. I especially love your quote today!


  8. Thank you very much Tracy! I am glad you are inspired, so far the day has been awesome and would you believe I already got 2 items of my list in progress?!There must be something about the fact that it is written, that makes it happen. 😉


  9. Happy Birthday, Anyes! May today be full of celebration and your favorite things! Your list inspires… In December I will be 38. Right now I'm making a 40 Before 40 list, giving myself two years to do many things–I'm excited. Several things on your list are on mine too. :o) Wishing you a beautiful year full of love, peace and JOY ((HUGS))


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