Thankful Thursdays

Jean Paul Richter (German Novelist and Humourist 1763-1825)

I am thankful for:

The wonderful day I had yesterday
The 22km/13.6miles long bike ride with Lovely Husband
The beautiful sunflowers I got from my friend
The awesome book I was given to read from another friend
My aching body letting me know I am alive and out of shape 😉

What are you thankful for?


  1. Tracy, To top it all of, it was such a gorgeous day outside! I felt really lucky ;-)Sharon, I guess it's my cue to start getting somewhat more physical, and I know Yoga is what will take me there ;-)Hello Kim, I am glad you received the Gift of Jewels and I know you will find a very unique way to use this little notebook 🙂


  2. Thankful for the sweet gift from a Gift of Jewels participant in my home country ! Thank you, Anyes, for the lovely card and the little notebook. I received them today and they definitely made me smile. And you are so right, it is definitely all about the little things that make life so sweet.Big Love to you and thanks again !


  3. Oh, that's good! Being thankful for your aching body that lets you know you are alive and out of shape. I'll do my very best to be thankful for that too. Believe me, I have that opportunity more often that I'd wish to without trying. 😉


  4. It all sounds sooo good, Anyes… even the feeling of being alive, if slightly out of shape. I know that feeling too. ;o) Glad you had a lovely birthday. ((HUGS))


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