Feast of the senses – Sight

Wandering fluffy clouds are still crowding the sky and I love it

Moss covering all the branches in sight, making them look so soft
Green and burned orange, my two favourite colours 
happily mingling together 
either on the ground or on the tree branches
Capturing this fleeting beauty with
my camera reminds me 
 how lucky I am


  1. Tracy!, The quote's last line was really what spoke to me because my soul feels so alive when I am able to see the beauty around me. Happy week-end to you too :-)Se'Lah, Thank you, for visiting, I love it. Have a great week-end 🙂


  2. I feel the same way about photography, Anyes! That it wakes me up to seeing things more, being more aware… it is a gift, everyday. Your photos are just wonderful today. And I love that last line in the top quote:"Rejoice, for your soul is alive!" Many thanks for your very kind note. We are heading out for a bit today, but I hope to be able to sit and write you longer tomorrow. :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))


  3. All of your photos are so beautiful today! I got to spend most of the day outside. It was so nice. I'm loving this cooler weather and just enjoying every second of every minute I'm alive!


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