Down by the River Side…

Rivers are roads which move, 
and which carry us whither we desire to go.  
Blaise Pascal

On this gorgeous Saturday afternoon

What would you love to do?

Just follow the river, and see where it takes you
That’s what I did 🙂
How about you?


  1. Karen, Do you believe I had this tune in my head the whole time I was out "down by the river side…" ;-)I am glad to see you had a fun Saturday…


  2. When I first saw your post title on my side bar…I started singing out down by the river side….down by the river side! That in itself was fun. Then upon my arrival here I got to see your photos…more fun! My son stopped by with the tree trimmer and we did some yard work. It was a wonderful day outdoors today. Thanks for asking.hugs and love


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