Nothing lasts forever…that is the beauty of it all…

No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace
As I have seen in one autumnal face.

John Donne

Today my eyes got to see
maybe for the first time… 
Simply realizing the Autumn rains
could be here again soon made me
appreciate the fast fading beauty
of those colourful leaves…
Did I hear the wind telling me 
those vibrant colours might be gone for another year? 
 Could I see it in those nice looking clouds 
coming in short waves on top of me?  Hmm, the weather channel
might have helped too 😉
While on my spiritual path and learning about
of everything allows me to fully appreciate beauty while it 
lasts and where ever I could see it…
Last year I might have been quite sad thinking that those beautiful colours
were at the mercy of one or two good wind storms, but this year
I am learning to appreciate and to let go at the same time…
It really helps to always have my camera with me …
Do you always have your camera with you?


  1. Tracy, It's funny someone would have told me I'd feel naked without my camera even last June I would never have believed them, it's now permanently attached as an awkward extra limb 😉 Se'Lah, Thank you have a wonderful weekend too :-)Elaine, Somehow I knew it 😉


  2. Yes, I do–ALWAYS have camera with me everywhere I go! I feel "naked" without it… LOL! ;o) LOVELY autumn color for us here to enjoy–thank you, Anyes. We can learn a lot about life through the observation of nature. Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))


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