Want it done…Write it down!!!

The way is not in the sky. 
The way is in the heart. 

Something has to be said, for writing down what it is you want to accomplish…

I had learned this lesson a few years back and then forgot all about it. Once I made the list of all my heart wishes I remembered it, but was a bit skeptical as to how many of my wishes, were actually going to be fulfilled even after having written them down…I can be quite doubtful when I want to 😉

Much to my delight, it was within just a few days I found myself doing, or having done at least three of my heart wishes, (just for the record I have had 3 “lunch dates” with Lovely Husband already 😉
Then, last week I totally stepped out of my comfort zone to participate in heart wish # 39, with
a very inspiring friend and I am joyfully co-hosting this exciting event.  Being able to see the actual realization of some of my dreams prompted me to have another scroll down that list.  There, I noticed one heart wish of mine, needing me to start working on it, if it was ever to be carried out:  heart wish # 15 is one that should keep me busy for a very long time…

So, here it is… my brand new book (bought two year ago, for that sole purpose), the one I am now going to be writing on, for about 1/2 hour a day, every day just to get my writing muscles into some kind of shape.

Any heart wishes needing your attention right now?


  1. Se'Lah, that's where it all begins in our own hearts, Thank you for everything;-)Tracy!Creative spirits are vibrant spirits, you certainly have one. Have an awesome week! Much love to you and the ones in your heart! m, How exciting to see you here! So glad to know you coming for Random Act of Kindness. I love your commitment to your studies, your hard work is going to bare its fruits very soon…I just know it! I also find that anything is harder to do on a full stomach specially after a whole day's work ;-)Gayle! My heart goes to you and I keep praying so you find strength to keep your spirit up in those difficult times. Heart wishes is definitely the doctor's order 😉


  2. I have been so focused on the difficult things going on in my life right now that I realize that I need to get some balance back again. Writing a heart wish list is a wonderful idea!


  3. Anyes, I'm already thinking of what I can do for the Random Act of Kindness event! I'm spending the weekend studying, so that is definitely a heart wish getting some attention. I've found it's very hard to study after work and dinner during the week!


  4. Wonderful, Anyes! And I love your beautiful notebook! Lately I, too, have been reviving my creative muscles in the writing and art departments–making tender forays back into writing and drawing/painting, which I used to do a lot of. I'm making art/creative dates for myself now, and it feels good, exciting! My Dear Husband is a creative spirit too, so we're making art play dated together–very fun! Wishing you all delight as you make your dreams come true, my friend :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))


  5. Oh I have so many! And it begins with writing them down. ;)I'm so happy we're co-hosting this exciting event. To help others is definitely my heart's wish.One love


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