What do I see…part3

Colours, like features, follow 
 Autumn speaks to my soul, in so many ways.  
Splashes of the colours I love…
Wherever my eyes take me, there they are…
to name a few

I feel a profound sense of awe…
Giddy seeing all of this colourful display around me

My skies are gray and wet, yet here I am, 
smiling when seeing all that beauty,
 making my heart skip into a joyful dance
of happy steps.

Hmmm, I was wondering why
I liked Autumn so much…I guess I
found the answer just talking to myself 😉

Do you love Autumn as much as I do? 

Why? Why not? 🙂



  1. Karen! Awww I hope you got some photographs before the winds got all the leaves down.Tracy, It's so interesting that you feel that way. I often think as Autumn, as a personal "New Year" of sort for me. My own resolutions are written in Autumn, rather than on January 1st. Happy Autumn Days to you too 😉


  2. I love autumn… I have often felt that is should be the time of the new year rather than January–a time of change, preparing, enjoying, back-to-school time, personal renewal time… And all the colors–there's so much to love about this time of year! :o) Happy Autumn Days, Anyes ((HUGS))


  3. Absolutely hands down *my* most favorite time of year – well, generally. We are having the weirdest weather this month. Huge windstorm last night just stripped the trees of leaves which were just hitting peak color.


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