Thank you, Baby :-)

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. 
Lao Tzu 

This photograph was taken from my bedroom window, behind the mosquito screen

Same photograph with the Picnik 60’s feature, with the rounded corners and the aging look…

Early morning still and Lovely husband 

tells me to get out of bed, 

take my camera and look out the window… 
I mumble half asleep, wiggling around not really 
wanting to wake up, then my heart whispered softly…
“Go… have a look”

I did and this is what I got…

You see, to me the beauty of this particular photograph 
lies so much in the fact, that for the very first time ever
Lovely Husband himself, was the one 
to let me know of a possible stunning shot to be taken…



  1. Sharon, I have to agree with you there, anytime I listened to Lovely Husband, he was right on target, I guess that's why he married me 😉


  2. Karen, I feel so lucky to have this view… but you might have a different "angle" on a parking lot bedroom view…I have to say,I am curious now 🙂


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