Rainy lights…on a November night

Let the rain kiss you.  Let the rain beat upon your head 
with silver liquid drops. 
Let the rain sing you a lullaby.  
Langston Hughes

The other evening going to our friend’s house for 
Darling Daughter’s Birthday, I kept on playing with 
the camera, not really knowing if anything would come of it.
I was really surprised to see that  instead I took a trip 
down memory lane, going all the way to some 
long forgotten childhood memories…

Car lights ahead were blurred away  by the falling rain, 
every thing had such a mysterious feel to it. The motion of the car, 
combined with the nice heat was taking me far away,
 back to another time.  I was slowly falling into a sleepy state 
remembering of other car trips taken long, long time ago
 during other cold rainy November nights…

I could have been either eight or nine years old tightly tucked 
between my siblings, listening to the soft rhythm 
of the windshield whippers lullaby.  
You see, as a family we always traveled at night
when we had to go visit distant relatives…
Until last Saturday, I had forgotten how much, as a child,
I loved traveling in our car, on cold rainy nights, for 
those long, long journeys.  Feeling warm, protected 
and slowly drifting away into a sleepy, dreamy state 
where fiction and reality were dancing together
like those rain drops on the windshield.
What do you love about rainy November lights?

6 comments on “Rainy lights…on a November night

  1. Karen, it was so interesting to do and you are welcome to try it as well, I am sending you all our rain so you could have fun with your camera ;-)Se'Lah it was taken while waiting on a parking lot in front of a grocery store (we had forgotten Darling Daughter's B-Day candles ;-))


  2. What a cool idea, Anyes. I never thought about taking a picture like that. I'll have to steal the idea like I did with the Vince and Marie's mushrooms. However, you'll have to send the rain to southeastern part of the US for me to accomplish that. We're dry as a bone.


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