It’s within reach…go for it…

“Lift up your eyes upon. This day breaking for you. Give birth again. To the dream.”
 Maya Angelou quotes (American Poet, b.1928)

Some days I really feel I have it all together and my dream is within reach
other days, feel too spread out and running low on energy

Thankfully, on those off days, I am often surprised
with a breathtaking view from outside my bedroom window…

Letting me know it is only a matter of time before 
my own fears lift up, the way those clouds do

My dream is right here, partly hidden just waiting 
for me to have the courage to pursuit it…

What am I waiting for?


  1. Tracy, beautiful poem from David Whyte sometimes it is good to be reminded when we forget, Thank you so much 😉 Sweet RAK post, very nice. Have a super week-end…m, I have to say mornings like this one I even can not believe how lucky we are. The clouds really felt and looked like half drawn curtains, very surreal. I could almost touch the mountains…Karen, I am so glad you like the view and you are not tired of it… because I have the feeling it is still going to provide me with a few more interesting shots 😉


  2. LOVELY heartfelt post, Anyes! Sending love as you go for your dreams. :o) One of my favorites lines is, "Everything is waiting for you." A line form the poem of same name by David Whyte. I try to remember this when I falter. Happy Day, my friend. I've put my RAK post out today. ((HUGS))


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