Giveaway…Winner on Monday :-)

How about one of my first Random Act of Kindness
of today is to give away a set
of 4 personally handmade cards, made with love 
with an appropriate Seasons Greetings theme…
A really big thank you from Se’Lah and me
to all of you for participating,
 in this amazing gathering of kind hearts 
spreading love around….

All your names were entered 
into a beautiful fedora hat
and on Sunday evening Darling Daughter and Sweet Son
will be pulling out the winner’s name

***Good Luck to you all***

Marilyn, delights of the heart
Tracy, pink purl
Vchelle, operation you
birdie, simple ways
christina, soul aperture
joanna jenkins, the fifty factor
Anna The Lemon Lady, Anna, The Lemon Lady
Kathryn Grace,  Building Ordinary
Flwrjane,  SmallButCharming
Kate i,  Inspired
PixieDust,  Stories I Can Tell
Belle,  Still Dreaming
Teresha,  Marlie and Me

Elaine, moonGipsies

Teresa, sunny day today mama

I am really looking forward 
to be reading what has been planned

for the last few weeks…


  1. Cinner, I am happy you enjoyed participating, Thank you.Karen, So glad my cards made your day, sending you liquid sunshine ;-)Tracy! It has been so much fun, I enjoyed the whole experienceGayle, Thank you for the compliment :-)Se'Lah, I feel the same such a blessing on so many levels Joanna, I have to agree with you I'd love to make this an annual event for me and Se'Lah…I'll have to ask ;-)Vickie, You are welcome, Thank you for participatingTracey, You are so right 🙂


  2. This is such a wonderful idea I hope it becomes an annual event for you and Se'Lah. Thanks so much for pulling it all together and for the fab giveaway!I'll be reading as many posts about it as I can. NowI 'm off to help Seniors at the grocery store :-)Cheers, jj


  3. Beautiful cards. And a lovely show of kindness. It's rather a dreary day here…so your cards were a pick me up (an act of your kindness) with the reminder that the holidays are fast approaching.Have a great day.


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