Giveaway…The result

The Prize

The draw

The result:

Congratulation! Kath, soeurs du jour

Your name has been drawn as the winner of this set
of handmade cards, please contact me
by email:
to let me know where I can send them.

A big THANK YOU to all of you who participated, it was really amazing…



  1. Se'Lah, I have really enjoyed all of what we did together. I feel so lucky, to have done this with you…Thank you :-)Kath, Congratulations…I had fun making those cards and I hope you'll like them. Thank you so much for participating.Tracy, I am happy for you knowing you'll be with your family soon specially for Thanksgiving. Any mail? by any chance? I hope it arrives before you leave…Kate, Thank you


  2. Congrats to, Kath! And thank so much for all the fun, Anyes. The RAK day was truly inspirational :o) Happy Week, my friend. We travel to the US on Friday to be with family for Thanksgiving and celebrate birthdays–very excited! TONS to do, though… LOL! I hope to visit at your place at least the once before we leave. ((HUGS))


  3. Congrats Kath! and THANK YOU Anyes for all that you have done and continue to do in the name of loving kindness. You are a true love.


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