Back to basics…A matter of perspective

We don’t see things as they are, 
we see them as we are.  
Anaïs Nin

Darling Daughter’s sweet voice singing and playing Ukulele…

Family impromptu choir, all gathered around her…

“Wire less” for the evening…

Enjoying reading with a flashlight…

This was our power outage, yesterday evening…

Conclusion: It’s all depends on how you look at it…



  1. Actually, Tracy I was very happy it went out, specially since I already had prepared my post of the day, so the wire less part of it was OK ;-)Sharon, luckily it only went out for about 5 hours and it started at 10:00PM so we had already eaten and everything stayed fresh…We were really lucky :-)Karen, This fireplace photograph was taken during another power outage about three years ago, I had just gotten my camera and was just playing with it. Fireplaces are so cozy specially on windy November nights…


  2. No power outage with last night's storm, but the wind howled like a banshee and took the remaining leaves off the maple tree. Love the fireplace photo; I have a fireplace but it is not working. Just serves as a shelf for my paperweight collection.


  3. Sounds like a great evening to me! Hope you didn't get too cold or anything like that. That the food in the fridge stayed frozen and your electricty is back on now. We always seem to lose ours during really bad storms in the hottest part of the summer. Only fun for a short time. Sharon


  4. Ah, that all sounds so good, Anyes! Kind of makes you with the power went out more often, 'eh? ;o) Less is always more I think–less online, less doing, less stress, less = more real life time, more be-ing, more present. :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))


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