November beauties

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, 
we must carry it with us or we find it not.  
Ralph Waldo Emerson
A bit late in the season, but I got mushrooms too 😉

October colours against a November sky, quite stylish

I guess eventually this is where all leaves end up, right?

Big clouds being chased away by yesterday’s cold wind

Just a quick preview of how it looks around where I live,
whether in October or November
I do find it is, beautiful…

Do you like where you live?



  1. Cinner, I am actually waiting for winter wonderland to arrive so I can do some interesting photographs, we'll see…I heard, this year is going to be cold here in B.C. Enjoy your week-end :-)Birdie, I really agree with you nature is essential. Have a great week-end!Karen, From your photographs North Carolina really looks beautiful, so your relatives might decide to move closer…You never know…Good luck


  2. I love where I live. Originally from Ohio, but now it would take dynamite to get me to leave North Carolina. I keep trying to convince the rest of my family to come on down!


  3. It's beautiful!! I like where I live. There are much nicer places on the planet then here but as long as I have some nature around I do love it 🙂 happy we!


  4. I do like where I live in Canada, Right now it is winter wonderland, lots of snow……but lots of cold. I don't mind it as long aw we are dressed warm, have a great weekend. happy holidays. take care.


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