SOOC Straight Out of The Camera

I often think that the night is more alive 
and more richly colored than the day.  
Vincent Van Gogh

…I promise you it was exactly this beautiful, 

I had been waiting for a moon shot forever, I got it today,
Down the hill around 5:20PM, city lights far away…

Some day, everything fits just right
Had to go out to run errands,
took the camera just in case…

Slowly learning to listen to my inner whisper 😉



  1. Birdie, when I came out and saw this beautiful full moon, I was really surprised, and got so lucky to be able to take those photographs of it.Have an awesome week ahead :-)The Silk Road, Thank you for you nice words. Sunday was indeed glorious and very low-key the way I sometimes like them.Karen, with all the features I have been playing with on Picnik lately I was missing the "undone" look. Trust me, here it was so beautiful yesterday anyone could have taken those shots!


  2. So terrific, Anyes. I rarely get a shot straight out the camera that I can post without a little PS tweaking and look at you! You got all these.


  3. wow! these are fantastic shots! I regret I forgot to take a snap before the night felt … but well next time maybe 😉 it's funny you didn't feel the moon this time … and I did … how mysterious are things and how many of them we really do not understand … 🙂 happy Sunday!


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