Black & White or Colour?

I posted this photograph while 
blog hopping on tonidaily vignette ‘s blog 
It was about November in Black and White 

To me, photography is an art of observation. 
It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… 

Elliott Erwitt

Here we have November in colour

A totally different feel…
I go back and forth between the two…

Which one are you? 

Ps: Can anyone tell me more about blog hopping? I just figured it out Thank you 😉


  1. Norma! It's so exciting that you found this page so many months after I wrote it ;-)I love black and white yet find it so difficult to get a great shot, with my camera but I keep trying. Good luck to you


  2. I love that I can view older posts before I discovered you! I discovered a setting on my camera yesterday. (Yes, I'm a slow learner.) I'm growing into a black and white freak so I was so tickled when I found that I could shoot in b&w, not just print in those tones. Oh, yes, sepia too! Any way I like both color and b&w, thanks to photographers like you. ~hugs~


  3. Suzie, We are having a very windy cold blast now but I know rain is coming back soon…or maybe not ;-)Karen, You are my go-to girl for all the technical photography side of my life. Thank you :-)Kathryn Grace, Thank you for the compliment :-)Re: blog hopping, I have seen that on some blogs people leave a thumbnail of a photograph linking back to their blogs but I am not too familiar with the way it all works and I hope I did it right…


  4. Today, I'm more on the red side of the spectrum, though not so brilliant as all that. Lovely images.I had never heard of blog hopping, so I Googled it and found this urban dictionary definition. I guess I'm a blog hopper, because one of the favorite parts of my day is to visit blogs I follow, read the latest posts and comments, and add my own.It cheers me so when someone comments on my own blog, that I try never to read and run without leaving a little something behind, or in the case of this comment, a lot!


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