Reflection, looking within…

The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your
      state of mind.
Wayne Dyer  

If I am to believe this particular quote, my state of mind 
is quite at peace accepting the quiet change
taking place in my own life…  
My creative journey is slowly bearing fruits 
I am finding hidden clues spread along the path. 
Pen in hand ready to write, camera by my side… 
I am giving up control and letting Universe
guide me.  I trust this, to be what I need to 
do, believe that the journey ahead is safe…
What is your state of mind?


  1. Karen, I am looking forward to read all about your lunch buddy.This photograph (Sammamish Lake, WA) was taken on the way to our family's house, I wish this would be the view from my house, but I am not complaining ;-)Gayle, Hopeful is a great state of mind to be in and December is here soon…I am glad you like this photograph 🙂


  2. Well, not as gray as today has turned out to be here. My lunch buddy has shown up in the garden for three straight days in a row. I'll post about him tomorrow.Do you see the lake from your house too?


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