Tuesday’s Tale…

 Wherever you go, go with all your heart.  

Seasons are changing and for those who had any doubts…here is a photograph proving it 😉  
Last Thursday’s first snowfall, blanketed all the roofs around us and the mountains disappeared, swallowed by the snowy sky, as you see a totally different bedroom view…
This changing of season outside brings in me the need for a bit of a change of my own, so instead of the usual “Tuesday Treasure”, I have decided to step out my comfort zone and to start something radically new for me…
This need to be writing more, is making itself more present everyday so for a while and until I feel so inspired, on Tuesdays I will bring to you, my readers… a story, a “tale” of sorts.  Still a bit foggy as to what it will be about and how I will be able to make it interesting for you to read, but I am keeping with the spirit of my blog while being on this creative journey of self-discovery.
Writing was safe for me, something that brought me joy and happiness, it was private activity no one knew about it, something I would just do for myself.  In fact it was more to reminisce about how my day had been, than any actual story telling, the words were a venting tool of sorts.  This time it is different, the words in my head are spilling over the paper, my imagination is leading the way and my Higher -Self feels I can open up and start telling stories…
I have been on this mysterious self-discovery journey, for a long while now and I sense it is the time to be “walking my own talk”.  May I confess, I am feeling quite vulnerable in doing so, a bit anxious as well.  I am taking on my own challenge, trusting in myself and in what can be accomplished.
Photographs are still going to be a big part of this journey 😉
Are you ready to do something that scares you today?


  1. Se'Lah, ((Blushing)), Thank you for the vote of confidence, dear friend…Karen, You truly are a brave woman conquering all the other fears you had! Snow is now totally gone ;-)Darling Daughter! Thank you 🙂


  2. The one big thing that scares me is heights and I just have never been able to get over that. All the other scary stuff – speaking in public, traveling to Europe by myself, etc. – conquered. I just can't get over that fear.As always, I love your pictures, but so glad no snow down here.


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