This one moment…

John Steinbeck  (1902-1968)

Today’s reverb 10 prompt, got me thinking about which particular moment could mean so much to me, have a read:

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).
(Author: Ali Edwards)

There were a few moments this year when I felt particularly alive…the very first time I actually posted on this blog, after having finally summoned the courage to tackle the internet and all its mystery, (or so I thought…). The first day of our Summer vacations, seeing the road going down to Osoyoos and feeling the warm air on my face, knowing that for a few days, we would take it slow and easy.
Or even, this one Summer afternoon when, after having canoed myself, far away from everyone I knew on the very tranquil Detroit Lake,  I realized I was lost, having been daydreaming instead of paying attention to where I was going …Alive and scared, was how I felt that particular moment!

Yet the moment, this year that stands up in my mind, as fresh as if it had happened yesterday, was when we decided, as a family after having watched an historic hockey game, to take the car and head Downtown Vancouver, just to see what was going on…

I remember the excitement I felt, once out of the car, heading down one of those closed avenues, and seeing the crowd filling up the whole streets, spilling out onto the sidewalks, children and adults, men and women, looking like a human ocean, with its waves of coloured shirts going back and forth, up and down, a street tide of sorts.   Languages from all over the world were making a strange sort of background music, the streets were filled with life, a beautiful mix of human diversity I had never witnessed before.

The energy felt that afternoon, was something that remains etched in my mind till this day, people walking up and down the streets in a very orderly fashion having big grins on their faces, everyone being in a friendly mood, “high fiving” each other right after the H1N1 scare, all of this under the quiet watchful eye of various friendly groups of police officers.

I felt alive because I had the sense that time had stopped and had stayed still for a very long time.  I felt alive because I was part of this beautiful moment, where borders did not exist anymore and skin colours did not matter, where I was everyone’s daughter, sister, mother or friend. I felt alive because the city I loved so much, was being a great host to the world and I was humbled to be there when it happened.

…My words don’t fit the picture!
Has this ever happened to you?


  1. Karen, it was quite a learning experience for me it helped me be more aware ;-)I love that you are venturing this way into the unknown, it takes quite a brave heart. Have a wonderful week-end full of adventures…Sharon, I am glad to have given you back some Olympic memories ;-)I took this top photograph on Granville Street while we were strolling down, one of the evenings…I am really glad you like it.Have a great rest of the week-end.


  2. It's been such a powerful year. That's the only word I can come up with at this moment to describe it for me and my family. I had almost forgotten that I was glued to the TV for the Olympics. Thank you for reviving those memories!I had thought that the top photo had different types of soda cans in trees until I enlarged the photo. Wow! Artwork! Where did you find that? It's amazing and I love it even more now! So fun. If you ever start to sell you photos, that should be one, in my humble opinion. Maybe a postcard or greeting card. Much love and hugs, Sharon


  3. Getting lost on a lake sounds really scary to me….I'm glad you found your way. Can't even imagine setting out in a canoe by myself to begin with. You're very brave…and I would imagine that was quite a learning experience for you…Your photos just keep getting better. Thanks for your support over at my blog…I am really grateful to all my blogger friends that are helping me feel good about my new adventure. You might call it my Detroit Lake.Thanks Anyes. Have a wonderful weekend.


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