Was it wise?

Wisdom . What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out? (Author: Susannah Conway) #Reverb10 prompt

By three methods we may learn wisdom: 
First, by reflection, which is noblest; 
Second, by imitation, which is easiest; 
and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

Today’s prompt is one of those that could get me going for hours on end, so much to say…However after having giving it more thoughts the wisest thing I have done this year was to 
“Feel the fear and do it anyway”, the title of this book I meant to read years ago, but never did, sums up really well what happened to me.  Stepping out of my comfort zone, was something I did quite often this past year and learned a lot from …

  • Paranoid about the World Wide Web, I started to blog, in English (second language)…
  • Feeling shy and self-conscious I participated in interesting online gift exchanges…creating awesome friendships in the process
  • Wanting to be a writer, I started waking up at 5:30 AM every morning, most of my mornings, and kept on writing not matter how tired I got…
  • Wrote an email to someone I admired and still do, got the most positive feedback I could have ever imagined…this one was easy, took a lot of courage
  • No matter how uncomfortable it felt, I learned to say “No,Thank you” when I did not want to do something, being polite and firm…
  • I took my camera everywhere with me looking like a goof, “a perpetual tourist”, in my own neighbourhood…
Those are but a few examples of what happened to me this year, where I chose to go against what I would usually do and challenged myself.  Was it wise?    Only time will tell, yet it has been a year full interesting lessons, and being the eternal student, that I am…I can tell you it was worth it!


  1. Karen! It pleases me so to read the pleasure in your words. It is indeed very comforting to know somehow we are on a very similar path… Don't you love starting to face your fears and discovering it all makes you much stronger?Have a great Sunday, :-)Barb, Thank you for noticing, it's a bit of a challenge sometimes but I am loving all my lessons so far :-)Karen, it is so liberating to know how to say NO, in a nice but firm way…It took me years before I realized I was still OK, even if others did not like me. It's a great lesson to master, and I still slip up sometimes šŸ˜‰


  2. You are amazing, Anyes. I could never blog in my second language (German), ever! Sometimes I worry about blogging in my first.And I am still working on saying "No" as I do want to be liked by every one, no matter even if that person doesn't deserve it.


  3. Yes, it was wise, Anyes – I can see that you've grown as a person. Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone to really learn and change. Good for you – keep at it!


  4. And the rewards of your decisions…like a drop into a pond of water have created a ripple of pleasure for all of your blog friends…to be able to come along with you on your new fearless journey has been a pleasure.Enjoying your photos and words… help me know I'm not alone…that there are others sharing new adventures in their lives…and it's comforting.Thanks Anyes.For me…facing my fear of participating in show/markets with my creative works…facing people that will have an opinion of what I do that may be negative…was challenging. I learned a lot about myself….but it was a wise move.Happy Saturday to you ;D


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